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Kamofin 2 K

Concrete repair Product

KAMOFIN is a two-in-one product for polymer modified cementitious composite used as a water proof protective coating when it hardens develops excellent bonding property with most of the building material. The Kamofin develops slightly flexible film, which seals hair line cracks inconcrete structure not contaminate the drinking water. It is a perfect product if you are looking for an effective yet low cost waterproofing solution.

Product Highlight

Kamofin 2k Paint

Excellent adhesion on sound surfaces

Kamofin 2k Paint

Easy to apply by brush

Kamofin 2k Paint

Non-toxic, does not contaminate the drinking water

Kamofin 2k Paint

Non-corrosive to Steel or iron

A basket full of options

At kamdhenu paints we make sure that you have a wide range of colors to chose from and create your home which matches your personality.

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