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Kamoproof ALW

Kamoproof ALW is a normal setting Liquid Integral water proofing compound for cement mortar and concrete. It is very useful in waterproofing of concrete and cement sand mortar used in Basement, Roof Slabs, Bathroom, Water retaining structure, sumps & drain, external plaster, etc. Its excellent water reducing property which improves the quality and strength of the concrete mix.

Product Highlight

Kamoproof Alw Paints

Plasticity and cohesion of the concrete mix

Kamoproof Alw Paints

The mix can be applied more easily on the surface

Kamoproof Alw Paints

Easily soluble in water to give a homogenous mix

Kamoproof Alw Paints

Reduces cracks in concrete.

A basket full of options

At kamdhenu paints we make sure that you have a wide range of colors to chose from and create your home which matches your personality.

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